Challenge description

With each passing year, the number of municipal waste being disposed in Świdnik is increasing. In 2015, it was 11,000 tonnes, in 2016 11.4 thousand tonnes, and in 2017 already 11.7 thousand tons of garbage. It is surprising, however, that the number of residents reported as those who generate this waste has increased minimally. How does this situation lead directly to the economic situation of the city? Waste disposal cost  5 million PLN last year, and the revenue from fees amounted to only 4 million PLN. It means 1 million PLN, which the city had to contribute, so that the rubbish would not be on the streets. Money that could be used for other needs of city residents, such as playgrounds, roads or better-lit streets, had to be redirected to rubbish.


How to improve the system? Maybe raise the penalties, or analyze why do people never register as waste producers? Maybe do something completely different? Let’s find out together using data gathered by the City and help us make the system quicker, more efficient and just for all.

The optimal solution is …

The optimal solution is an Excel spreadsheet, which once a quarter will allow you to select addresses of flats to which you should send a query. It will concern the explanation of the possibility of irregularities in the declaration on the amount of fees for municipal waste management.

The solution is to increase the effectiveness of detecting irregularities while reducing the time devoted to identifying irregularities.


Key functions of the application:

  • Analysis of the number of people living at a given address.
  • Capture discrepancies in input data (if any).
  • Demonstrating the reasons for which the discrepancies between declared state of residence and probable (requested by applications) were indicated along with the division of information sources (on what basis the application applies for a difference) and with an indication of the probability (certainty of the assessment).
  • Analysis of data from declarations and selection of possible irregularities (address and number of persons) based on the database of the ordering party and other proposed ones.


Requirements from the application:

  • An application in the form of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, which retrieves data from input files and processes them using macros*.
  • It must work correctly on all computers with the Microsoft Excel application installed
  • Data sheets must contain data verification in cells in order to minimize the risk of errors in the input data (eg verification of street names). They will be used as target templates that will be filled out by data providers.


Expected implementation budget: PLN 20 000

Expected implementation time: March 2019

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