Challenge description

There are almost 2.5 million registered companies in Poland in over 1000 different industries. All of them have their unique needs on which the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology works on satisfying. Citizens, parliament members, business i media often turn towards the Ministry for various information and the Ministry’s staff’s task is to provide them with reliable information as soon as possible. The Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology has one of the largest databases in all of Poland, containing analysis, status reports, reports, instruction manuals, protocols, thesis material and press information. The data  is previewed on the following types of files (doc, pdf, ppt, xls, jpg, scans), as well as on the employees’ computers and departments server resources or on the server message block (SMB), which make the search and exchange of data within the organization more difficult.


The ministry is looking for an intelligent tool that will allow employees to share their knowledge and data as well as allow an efficient search of scattered data and a conversion of data to the desirable form through the publication of the information you have provided and the information you provide.

The optimal solution is …

The optimal solution will allow to shorten the time of preparation of ordered materials (studies, theses, analyzes, statistical data) and simultaneous increase in the quality of documents provided. Thanks to the new solution, employees will be able to save time and devote it to even more active support for entrepreneurs. In addition, it will allow for even better use of available data, which until now has been scattered, difficult to find or completely unavailable from the perspective of an administration employee.


Key system functions:

  • A database that allows you to save, store and process any content in the form of texts, binary files – eg graphics, sound, video, pdf
  • Business Intelligence module – context search of phrases and files in various formats with the possibility of implementing conjunction dictionaries and thesauruses.
  • Allows you to manage documents and information for presentation in various communication channels.
  • Enables flexible modeling of the classes of objects being introduced so that you can store as many types of information as possible
  • Easy to use, takes into account various user restrictions / low level of digital skills, Enabling obtaining information about the material (eg number of downloads, author)


Expected implementation budget: PLN 365 700 

Expected implementation budget: 3rd quarter 2019

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