Hack the Crisis: Tech for Good & HackYeah Online

Looking for sollutions in times of Covid-19 pandemic

Hack the Crisis:

#HackCrisis was the regions largest virtual hackathon dedicated to combating the spread of COVID19.

GovTech Poland invited European and global tech community to collaborate on the execution of anti-crisis ideas to help people handle the pandemic aftermath. Between 17-21 March, programmers and developers from Poland but also other EU countries and the whole world were working on technological solutions as well as competing for financial rewards and an opportunity to put their ideas into practice.

The hackathon was launched as a response to a large number of spontaneous declarations of support from programmers and tech corporations, wishing to support the Government in the fight against the virus. The initiative was put together by GovTech Poland and DO OK – a Polish software company with a global reach. The event was put together just in under 72 hours and had an international aspect to it. The hackathon mentors came from numerous countries (Finland, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, USA, and many others). The initiative partnered with some of the planet’s largest corporations – Microsoft, Google, and Amazon (AWS) to jointly combat the epidemic. We informed all EU Member States about this initiative. We had very positive feedback so far and some Member States even asked us for assistance, as they are considering organizing similar events and seek some expertise in organizing this kind of initiative.

The initiative was aimed at utilizing the creative potential of entrepreneurs, developers, research teams and others to create solutions that can support the Government and the society in the face of the global pandemic. The projects gave the people a sense of security and hope during the ongoing crisis and provide them with access to verified and accurate information. The Hackathon was held entirely online thanks to the GovTech digital platform we use in Poland. Coders competed in three categories:


Facts and data

COVID Genomics: The project is aimed at processing genomic data to predict how the virus will evolve/mutate in the future and how it will impact the odds of making an effective vaccine. Having analyzed all the genome data we can greatly speed up the process of coming up with a new vaccine. The approach is very scalable, file processing can be done in multiple threads simultaneously. Machine learning & mathematical modeling can be boosted with GPU power.



Mama teraz pracuje: Parents who are performing jobs remotely are forced to split their time between working and taking care of their children. This “double shift” puts a mental and physical burden on them, likely lowering their performance in both areas. As a solution, the project aims at connecting overworked parents with underworked educators, proposing a web platform on which people can connect and help each other.



3Class: The project aims at developing a network of educational, on-line support for children from primary schools. It operates on the basis of creating school tandems: a high school willing to help gets paired with a primary school, whose students could profit from the cooperation: www.3-lab.pl/3class.


Additional laureates

Helpful Neighbor is a mobile application for the global market in times of the COVID-19 epidemic crisis. Its main goal is to connect those, who need help with their daily tasks (shopping, dogs walking, transport), with their friendly neighbors who are able, and willing to provide help.

EpidemicApp was created to make it easier to contact SANEPID in case of suspecting the COVID-19 case. Based on the interview and the shared location, SANEPID’s employee receives the information necessary to determine if the test is needed and take action.

Qurantify makes the necessity of staying home a little bit more bearable, while also encouraging to put the additional free time to good use. The app’s user can set his quarantine camp, leave the GPS on, and gain points of every day. Additional points can be gained for completing quests and tasks that promote a healthy lifestyle such as self-improvement actions, working out, or cleaning.

SMS Shopping for a Senior is an application dedicated to the elderly or people without any access to smartphones, while still needing the help of volunteers in making purchases. The shopping list sent in an SMS is processed by the application where the volunteer can read and accept the request.

Database of Volunteer Online Doctors is a platform working on the database of volunteer doctors approved by Naczelna Izba Lekarska. It promotes and facilitates the idea of telemedicine.

Medy – be rewarded for prevention – the mobile application collecting the most important news in one place and rewarding users for actions that have a positive impact on public health. It’s dedicated to young people, who have problems with complying and implementing preventive behavior.

Detecting Covid-19 on X-rays with deep learning introduces the COVID-19 X-ray detection model, which develops in deep learning. Based on the current photo database, the model has been developed to 97% of efficiency.


HackYeah Online

On the 3-5 of April, we took the second step with our last year’s friend from HackYeah and ProIdea in organizing another hackathon. Awards were handed to the Laureates in five categories:


Security in times of the pandemic:

Traffic Box is a device that collects the information about the number of wireless devices in a given location – it allows us to monitor the movement of all devices in range, it does not require any app. It can help you decide when it is a safe time to go to the store or the post office, informing about current traffic. In the future, it can be used in traffic management. More information can be found at https://issd.pl/

Safe At Home is an app created for those that cannot stay home for security reasons. A hotel can register in the application, providing its currently empty rooms, and the user can send a request for temporary accommodation.

H.E.L.P. – Health Environment for Living in Pandemia a free app that processes anonymous data, locations, and health status by putting them on a map. It allows its users to stay informed of potentially dangerous areas, or to make decisions about the decontamination of a given location.


Business, science & technology:

StartTech is an app dedicated for laboratories, allowing to group samples for testing. As a result, up to 2.5 times more people can be tested with the same number of tests. The method used to group samples is based on a questionnaire that estimates the probability of infection.

Hexa – a web app powered by the real-world data from worlds’ leading job aggregators that empowers the user to make the right decisions about his or her career in times of the pandemic. The platform contains language lessons and mini-courses of various skills.

LokalnaTarcza.pl is an app addressed to business owners that had no choice but to temporarily freeze their businesses. It allows us to generate and send vouchers for customers, who wish to support their favorite companies.


E-commerce and Logistics:

Lokalsi is a simple marketplace dedicated to local business owners that struggle with the transition to online services. Marketplace is based on Messenger, which eliminates the need to learn a new tool, yet connects to a large customer base.

appteka.online is a platform where you can order the purchase and delivery of medicines at your pharmacy. The goal is to make medicines more accessible without leaving a house while maintaining the high security of sensitive personal data.

Quarantine Help instead of forcing the elderly to install an app, the authors created a telephone bot. The request is processed and sent to the app used by volunteers, that can help with tasks that require leaving home.


Education and leisure:

Foqs determines the listener’s focus level and helps teachers with running online classes more efficiently. It uses advanced machine learning techniques to analyze eyes and pupils, looking for eye movements and pupil size. It is also able to check if a person is happy, enthusiastic, and involved. The teacher may also receive a notification when the student leaves his desk or does not look at the presentation, and at the end of the lesson receives a student’s focus analysis.

Be Safe Outside is a colorful, child-friendly game teaching the principles of safety during a pandemic. The player supervises the behavior of people in the town, according to real-life restrictions.

YourTutor is an e-teacher model that could optimize time and personalized learning. It’s a general framework which makes use of technology to improve teachers’ efficiency and optimize students’ time by introducing a personalized self-learning system. The simulation shows the abilities of the Reinforcement Learning algorithm to be useful in teaching. A virtual teacher assesses student’s level in a defined area (such as mathematics, literature) by having them solve tasks of defined difficulty and automatically adjusts the difficulty level of following tasks by measuring the time of learning which students needed to obtain certain skills.



Crypto Audio SMS – manufacturers, military, and civilian defense implement their different communication standards (DMR, TETRA, dPMR, NXDN, etc.) but when there is a crisis and the need for secure information exchange they fail to cooperate as these are simply incompatible. The security of information exchange becomes an unstable element during a critical situation. What any policeman, solider, ambulance, and truck driver will have access to is a simple analog radio. Such a radio along with the simplest of the android device (which is cut off from the world) will enable anyone to send vital information in encrypted form over standard analog channels.

volunTEA is a platform connecting people who want to help others with those who need someone’s support in some matter. This is a portal for volunteers where they can find ‘orders’, it can be a shopping request, walking the animal, or an invitation to talk over tea. volunTEA mission is to make those supporting initiatives as simple as possible and let them last when the pandemic ends.