Challenge description

The Customs and Tax Service stops thousands of attempts at smuggling cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, weapons, explosives and many other illegal goods every year. Among the rescued are often people – victims of kidnapping and human trafficking , as well as endangered animals species. One of the methods of protection against the inflow of such goods are X-ray scanners, which allow you to see the contents of containers, vehicles and parcels.


To combat this, can you come up with a digital solution separating illegal objects from other contents? If so, you will be using the planet’s most sensitive RTG machines and the planet’s most experienced professionals who are now spending years trying to protect our markets from contraband. Help us become more effective, speed up waiting time, and above all, protect Poland from smugglers and criminals.

The optimal solution is …

The optimal solution is a system that will quickly and automatically identify objects and collections of objects in the analyzed inspection pictures performed by X-ray devices, which will increase the efficiency and speed up the work of scanner operators. The system is a component of two elements. It should include an application for the scanner operator, as well as a function related to application learning, so that with each scan the effectiveness of recognizability of scanned items will raise.


Key system functions:

  • Automatic identification of objects and sets of items in the analyzed inspection photos.
  • Indication of selected objects in the picture, giving their number and probability of correctness occurrence.
  • Graphical marking of the locations of identified items in the inspection image. Acceptance of inspection images generated by X-ray devices as input data and returning the result in the XML / TXT file format with the given structure.
  • Having the functionality of training the recognition system in the field of newly collected data (model update).


Effectiveness of implementation parameters:

  • Improving the quality of service for all people crossing borders.
  • Increase in detection (subjective assessment by X-ray operator).
  • Increased operator confidence in the control assessment (subjective assessment by the X-Ray operator).
  • Time and quality of work of KAS (National Treasury Administration) controllers.