About keeping your data secure


All the personal information we obtain from you is administered by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister (Kancelaria Prezesa Rady Ministrów). This said, depending on the exact nature of your request, we may need to pass your data on to the Ministry of Digital Affairs (Ministerstwo Cyfryzacji), Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology (Ministerstwo Przedsiębiorczości i Technologii), Ministry of Finance (Ministerstwo Finansów) or other institutions that post GovTech challenges on our portal.

The Data Protection Inspector at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister can be reached by e-mail at  iod@kprm.pl, or by post at the Chancellery of the Prime Minsiter  main office (Aleje Ujazdowskie 1/3, 00-583 Warszawa). Adding „GovTech Polska – personal data” (GovTech Polska – dane osobowe) on the envelope or in the topic line will allow us to redirect your request more accurately and respond faster.

The Inspector is the person of contact in all matters regarding the processing of personal information. Should you believe your rights were violated, you also have the right to register a complaint at the respective office responsible for data protection in the EU Member State in which you reside, work, or where you believe the offence was committed. In Poland, such cases are handled by the Data Protection Office (Urząd Ochrony Danych Osobowych) located at Stawki 2, Warsaw.


When you send us a filled contact form at the Contact Us page, the information in your submission will be processed in order to best respond to your query. This is a temporary process, i.e. one employed for the sole purpose of correspondence. At any time you can access the data we gather, and have them corrected, or removed, as well as restrict the scope of how we may process them. Providing us with personal information is purely mandatory, although unless you choose to do so, it may be impossible for us to contact you with a reply.