Announcement of the challenge regulations: Ministry of Health and Entrepreneurship and Technology. Opening of competitions.



Announcement of the challenge regulations: Ministry of Digital Affairs, Finance and City of Świdnik. Opening of competitions.



Final call for admission applications for competitions.



Publication of the list of participants admitted to the competitions.



Announcement of finalist qualified to the second stage announced.



The beginning of the second stage. Prototypes of solutions and implementations.



1. Ministry of Digital Affairs: Supporting the management of digital competences in Poland

Having digital competences is of great importance for functioning in today's world. People with higher technological skills find a new job much faster and earn higher wages. To support citizens in developing their digital skills, the Ministry of Digital Affairs is looking for a solution that will visualize the state of digital skills in demographic distribution, by using data beyond those collected by  GUS (Central Statistical Office). Afterwards, it will use the information collected to pinpoint areas that require additional state assistance, such as training or education campaigns.


2. Ministry of Finance: Using image recognition technology to help combat cross-border smuggling

Stopping the illegal trade in drugs, cigarettes and weapons or rescuing victims of trafficking isn’t just an action movie’s plot, but the daily work of the Polish Customs Service. To protect our borders even more effectively, customs services need your input. You have to create a tool that will help them distinguish illicit items from everyday objects, when analysing  x-ray vehicle images.


3. Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology: Creating a search engine for administration databases supported by a Business Intelligence module

There are almost two and a half million companies registered in Poland and operating in over a thousand different industries. Each of them has unique needs which the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology works to provide for. Citizens, parliamentarians, business representatives and the media often turn to the Ministry for various types of information and the Ministry is charged with providing reliable information as soon as possible. Your task is to create an intelligent database modeled on business tools with the Business Intelligence module, which will facilitate the sharing of knowledge between employees and streamline the search of scattered information and processing them to the desired form.


4. Ministry of Health: Facilitating the detection of overstating the cost of health services

Each procedure performed by a doctor has a code assigned that allows them to issue an insurance bill. Different codes correspond to different procedures, so they can have higher or lower costs. That is why more and more often we deal with the phenomenon of upcoding, which basically means showing the settlement of medical services rates as higher than the amount for services actually performed. The Ministry of Health is looking for specialists in new technologies, who will find a way to end the manipulation of the health services pricing system in the perspective of upcoding and unbudling, and therefore improve the efficiency of spending funds for the treatment of patients.



5. City of Świdnik: Tightening up the system of fees for managing municipal waste

Świdnik has a real challenge with municipal waste. The amount of garbage produced in this city has increased, although the number of inhabitants has remained stable. Despite greater awareness of ecology and recycling, do the people of Świdnik actually generate more? Or maybe there is another reason for this situation? The city asks you for help in tightening up and balancing the system of fees for municipal waste management, thanks to which funds from the city budget will be available for other purposes, such as roads or schools.