Challenge description

Having digital competences is of great importance for functioning in today’s world. People with higher technological skills find a new job much faster and have higher earnings. To support citizens in the development of digital competences, the Ministry of Digital Affairs is looking for a solution that will not only visualize the state of digital skills in demographic distribution using data beyond the GUS (Central Statistical Office) data, but also present places that require state assistance in training or education campaigns.

The optimal solution is …

The optimal solution shows not only the state of digital competences in Poland in the demographic division to the level of cities using data beyond the GUS (CSO) data, but also suggests in which areas or for which recipient groups state aid in the area of training and education campaigns is particularly needed.  


Key system functions:

  • Presentation of data layers in Poland’s geographical projection.
  • Presentation of layers of digital competences divided into areas deeper than the area of voivodships in the cross-sections: age, sex, education and other available (eg occupation).
  • Presentation of the layers defining the projects coming from the Operational Program Digital Poland (Programu Operacyjnego Polska Cyfrowa) with their characteristics.
  • Presentation of changes in digital competences over time.
  • Comparison of changes between selected years (data summary).
  • Compliance with the digital competence measurement methodology developed by EU countries and applied by the Central Statistical Office.

Implementation of effectiveness parameters:

  • Compatibility of data presented by applications with applications presented by GUS SSI-10 (providing them in more details).
  • The data is presented in a comprehensive  way.
  • Data can be accessed by outsiders – for example from universities, research institutes, etc.

Expected implementation budget: PLN 110 700

Expected implementation time: 3 month

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