Every day, the administration faces a number of crucially important challenges at every step. Healthcare, security, and fight against organised crime are just few examples of areas requiring constant attention and novel solutions.Finding a way to solve these problems requires a creative mindset and harnessing the power technology gives us. We believe that employing dynamic and tailor-made digital solutions can go a long way to solving some of these issues, while at the same time maintaining full transparency and minimising the risk of lengthy decision-making processes.


GovTech Poland was established having learned from the greatest international experiences. It will not only help introduce public administration into a development path based on innovation and modern technologies, but also create optimal opportunities for the implementation of digitalization in the public administration.


The aim of the program is to improve the dialogue between public administration and innovators: SME entrepreneurs, start-ups, and the scientific community. All those who, together with us, want to find the most innovative and effective solutions to the real challenges of public administration.We believe we all share a passion, a creative drive and willingness to question and disrupt existing structures. All those are necessary to create the impulses that will bring Poland to an entirely new level of development, improving our economy and the standard of living of all.

  • GovTech Polska was created with a goal of finding innovative solutions to real problems facing the administration by employing cutting-edge technical and digital tools. With its launch, we are filling in another piece of the Polish administration’s ecosystem of innovations.
  • GovTech Polska is tasked with designing entirely new models of cooperation between all levels of administration and the innovators.
  • GovTech Polska will ensure that public funds intended to finance the government’s operations will be funnelled to start-ups and SME’s who can come up with the most efficient and modern ways to spend them.

„We have created GovTech Polska mainly for startups and small and medium-sized enterprises, which thanks to their innovative solutions will make the cooperation between state and national institutions simpler, faster and more effective” – emphasizes Justyna Orłowska, Head of the GovTech Polska program.


The next phase of the pioneering program will start on November 13! Do not wait and join the nationwide technological brainstorm! Show us your solution to the challenges of ministries and local governments.